30 Day Song Challenge, Day 3

A song that makes you happy:

Build Me a Girl - Andy Grammer

It’s so cute :P

"Build me a girl from all over the world
I promise I’ll always adore you
Made in Japan with the style of Milan and a smile from California
Brazilian walk, head from New York, and pretty Parisian curls
Build me a girl”

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 2

Least favourite song:

Say Something - A Great Big World

This song comes on the radio and I’m just…blah. No.

Damn, after tonight I will never be able to watch Frozen the same way again.

When you order pizza/etc., do you ever wonder: “What if the delivery driver got in an accident?” And if they did, can they sue me?

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 1

Favourite song:

Luck - American Authors

It kind of reminds me of myself, in a way, I guess, and maybe that’s why I like it. I can relate to it on a personal level.

Congrats on your 30 day blog challenege! You should do a 30 day song challenge next! Please (:

Sure :) I will look one up and possibly start it tomorrow :)

30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 30

What changed this month and what you hope will happen next month:

Well, a lot of things have changed in the past month, some for the better and some not, but that’s life, I guess. We don’t necessarily always get to choose what happens to us, but we are always in control of how we respond to it. I’ve gone from feeling on top of the world to feeling like scum on the bottom of others’ shoes and everywhere in between this month. But the thing that’s changed the most this month, is me. I’ve grown up a lot these past 30 days, and I’ve been able to adapt the way I react to different situations around me. I think I’m finally learning to stand up for myself; I’m becoming slightly less afraid to ask for the things I want, and I’m taking more initiative to put myself in situations where I can give myself opportunities for things to happen.

In these next 30 days, I want to learn when to make things happen on my own, and when to just let go and let fate decide. There is a difference, and I’m going to try my absolute best to learn how to know what that difference is.

30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 29

A photo of yourself today:

When your philosophy professor sends out an email about the exam you took on Wednesday and says that, collectively, everyone did so poorly on the exam he’s scrapping the whole idea of even trying to grade them, and that instead, you’re going to review all the questions in class for the next week, in detail, and then retake it.

30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 28

The month you were happiest this year and why:

February. Jordan and I were going to parties, sleeping in each other’s rooms, and getting dinner with each other every night, sometimes grabbing lunch in the middle of the day together. We went to two hockey games, even hung out on Valentine’s night. He took me snowboarding and tried to teach me how to do it the right way. People were telling me he liked me and that he had a thing for me and I was starting to realise I had feelings for him. I cuddled with him on a couch at a frat house and fell asleep in his arms for the first time. Now we’ve both gotten busier and classes have gotten more intense, so there isn’t as much time for parties, and dinner doesn’t really exist anymore. It’s more like: “Andrea, let’s order pizza since we’re pulling an all-nighter again. For the fourth night in a row.” The snow is mostly gone and it’s warming up outside so we can’t snowboard anymore, Mankato is out of the playoffs for hockey, and we have so much studying to do that we usually leave each other’s rooms long before either of us is even thinking of sleep.

February was also my “yes man” month, meaning that whenever someone asked me if I wanted to do something, I had to say yes and I had to follow through with them. So I tried a lot of new things and I had a lot of fun with that :)