Yes, I did just slide down the railing at my apartment rather than walk down the stairs. Am I going to be in trouble? Maybe. Do I give a fuck? No.

The amount of sleep I got last night is equivalent to the number of fucks I give today - zero.

Your experience






soooo i did something like this on the avatar chat a few weeks ago. bold whatever applies to you. share your experience ^__^

being social
- made a board that exploded
- made a rating something (accounts, fonts, etc.) board
- gotten in an argument with someone on the boards
- really hated someone on neopets
- accused someone of cheating

breaking the rules (or just being accused?)
- been warned
- been silenced
- been suspended
- been frozen
- been accused of cheating

neopets people outside of neopets
- converted a rl friend to neopets
- gotten really close to someone you met on neopets
- met someone irl you met on neopets
- known someone irl who plays neopets just as much as you do

life can be sad
- pounded a neopet & regretted it
- been scammed
- cried over neopets
- gotten really angry over neopets

being a wonderful member of the community
- gifted neocash
- lent an item out
- put a pet up for adoption
- made a neosignature for someone

account accomplishments
- been lent suap
- owned a UC D/U/C/K
- owned over 20mil NP at once in your account - your bank + stock market
- gotten all-star in the altador cup

- dreamt about neopets
- bought neocash
- been gifted neocash
- been in a screenie
- had a screenie page
- taken a hiatus for several months
- tried to quit neopets
- gone on neopets for over 8 hours in one day
- sent in a ticket

That was actually pretty fun to do. Never answered some of those questions before.

i did the thing

wasn’t that a thrill

this just made me realize i’v been on neo for too fuckin long lol

also the only argument i’ve gotten into on the neoboards proper was on the AC about how A Series of Unfortunate Events was going to end and it was hilar b/c we were all rating ULs at the same time lol

10 1/2 years and I’m very boring

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I feel like bowling would be so much better if somebody was to shoot you down the lane on one of those little square scooters we used to use as kids in gym classes and try to knock over as many pins as you could without leaving the scooter. Then you could ride like a little underground chair lift thing back up to the lane and then go again. I would totally be down for that if it was a thing.

Let’s be real, I only aim for strikes so I don’t have to throw the ball again.

Take the bus from campus to River Hills Mall - check

Wander around the mall for two hours, trying on fancy expensive clothing that would cost you your first three paychecks - check

Forget your wallet at home so you can’t buy food - check

Interview for a job at Target - check

Accidentally wear yoga pants to said interview - …


I applied to 11 jobs last night. And those were just the places that accept online applications.

Today I’m going to wander around University Square and apply to everywhere there that doesn’t accept online application.

I feel as if the odds are in my favour.

This is the most productive weekend I’ve had in a long time.

UPDATE: I collected 8 more paper applications that need to be filled in and returned and was told by 3 other places that their applications are online. Fingers crossed I get a fucking job because holy shit that’s like 22 places, they can’t all reject me.